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Get a Full Day's Work Done in Two Hours

  • See your day with instant clarity
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  • Dump the rest (liberation is a click away)
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CEOs, Olympians, WAHMs, Artists - Everyone Loves Simpleology

The principles found in Simpleology are the same that I followed to become a 3 time Olympian.

Ruben Gonzalez, 3 Time Olympian (Luge)

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Imagine a little coach that sits on your desktop and reminds you to do healthy stuff ever hour like - take a break from your work, drink water... whatever you want. Totally customizable - and more...
Desktop Cockpit

Desktop Cockpit

Just like the web cockpit, but it sits on your desk for easy instant access to all your stuff.


This is the ultimate way to organize your life. Take heed: this isn't like any "day organizer" or anything else you've ever used. The first difference: it works. You'll learn how to use it in Simpleology 101.

browser Bodyguard

Browser Bodyguard

What if someone watched over you and prevented you from getting distracted by time-sucking websites? You'll find out once you install the Browser Bodyguard.

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